Saturday 25 June 2022

Quick Update

 Morning and just a quick update as I should be sharing my Smash Your Stash Journal page with Vicki

I have made my journal page but earlier in the week my computer died peacefully overnight,luckily I am now using my sons computer BUT that does mean I have lost all my downloads and pictures! I took some more of my journal page and now can't work out how to upload my pics to the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please bear with me while I try and sort it -please read that as get some help lol -I may or may not be a while and if anyone has any tips on how to recover files and pics PLEASE feel free to comment. Oooooh and kettle has also folowed suit so am now waiting for the third thing.

Update the heat bulb in the snakes tank has now joined them so hopefully that's the third!

Hope to be back soon

Carol x x x


Janette said...

Oh Carol what a time of it, everything always goes at once. Its no use me trying to help though, our Mia just gave me her 'old' iphone and about head scratcher and I am now having to email my photos to myself to upload to pc haha...sorry but I do hope you can recover your stuff, sure someone can help you.At least the kettle should be an easy fix, good luck.xxxx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Sorry to hear about your problems Carol, yes everything seems to happen at the same time. Did you take your pics on a phone or ipad Carole? If so email them to yourself and then download from the email. Oh I see Janette is saying much the same. It works for me ;) Take care and try not to stress HUGS Tracey xx

Carol L said...

I am so sorry for your PC issues, but I'd be of no help. It would be like the blind leading the blind as I'm not comfy with anything digital. My brain still works in analog mode and I'm awaiting this pc to crash as soon as it becomes necessary to upgrade to Win 11. I wish you well and hope you have someone there to help you sort things out! Good luck!

Beebeebabs said...

Sorry for your Computer issues!!!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

OH! Carol, sounds you're having an awful time, I know as mine died recently how you feel. It depends on what died whether you can get your files back. I understand.
For instance if the Mother Board has gone, your drive may be Ok and so are your files, someone could get the files off for a new 'puter or to put onto another disc, so you can download onto the new 'puter or your son's.
If the drive has gone then it sounds like your files are gone too. BUT, don't take my word for that. Sounds like someone in the know needs to find out what went wrong and maybe help with your files. Worth a try?
Good luck with finding out. I'm glad you had the 3 things though, it always seems to happen in 3's, mine did too! An expensive time for you.
As my brother said to me when it happened - "How exciting to have an up to date all singing and dancing computer". I didn't feel like that at the time!
Best of luck
Faith x

creationsnz said...

The most awful thing to happen to lose your creative files Carol, I hope you can get them back. I did have to smile at your 3's though - amazing how that always happens. Cheers, CarolG

Freubelmina said...

oooo it's not on your side Carol!đŸ™ˆ
Good luck with everything and hopefully we'll see your beautiful creations again soon xx

Leslie Miller said...

Oh no! We have a computer fix it shop nearby so I take mine there and they've always been able to recover files... so far. I really need to save more to removable devices. Good luck. You do have my sympathy.

R's Rue said...

Good luck my friend.

*Vicki* said...

Hello Hello friend! I'm late, but thrilled to see your AJ page now! Wow, those flowers are so pretty and I love the soft look you've achieved too! The gems make a wonderful accent with them too! You've done a great job using up that stash Carol!! Beautifully done!

pinky said...

Oh no, it's always three in a row Carol. I could live with the kettle and bulb but not my computer!!!!